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Menopause and HRT

For the past few years I have been reading articles and interviewing woman about menopause symptoms and remedies. We've talk about trying everything from tincture of sage to hormone replacement therapy.

Today the NY Times published "Menopause, as Brought to You by Big Pharma," by Natasha Singer and Duff Wilson. It's certainly an eye-opener. Lawsuits and internal documents show how Pfizer and its predecessors promoted the idea of taking hormone drugs.

If you or someone you love is careening into menopause, have them talk to family, friends and doctors. Be informed. For me, the cure for my hot flashes was sex. I highly recommend it ;-)


Adrian said…
very cool stuff!!
I agree with you Michelle. All pharmaceutical companies are promoted the idea of taking hormone drugs. But I still suggest woman to go with HRT.
Jacqueline said…
Here's a good take on this (borrowing from the Women to Women facebook page)"Menopause, as Brought to You by Big Pharma" in the NYT is a reminder to stay educated about all the solutions being recommended to us by our healthcare practitioners. This article ( gives a nice overview of the business and politics surrounding hormone treatment for women. Our take: know your opti...ons and begin with the least invasive measures possible. More here:

I absolutely think knowledge is power when it comes to HRT. Now even more so after reading this article.
Jacqueline said…
oops... Just in case anyone wanted to read those links.. Here they are again..
Alena said…
I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

Gosh, sex on a regular basis doesn't seem to be helping the hot flashes, but that doesn't mean I won't keep trying!
Michelle said…
Georgina - You've got to just keep trying until you get it right ;-)
I couldn't agree more about the pharmaceutical industry being "the man behind the curtain!" They'll do or say ANYTHING to get a person on a daily prescription! I'm so glad the word is getting out that we can say "no!"
OMDS said…
HRT can reduce the occurence of heart attack, osteoporotic fractures, dementia and colorectal cancer.
chimachine said…
HRT can minimize chances of getting osteoporosis. This treatment would be proven effective for women with serious menopausal symptoms. I purchased chi machine from a local store for my leg cramps. I'm truly enjoying using this product.
Jennifer West said…
You're right, Michelle. It's important for every woman to become knowledgeable on how to deal with menopause and balancing every solution to know if it's right for her. And through the help of doctors, family and friends, there comes understanding and following what she has finally decided.

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