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I've been sitting here editing pages from THANKSGIVING (the novel I'm working on) and thought I'd share the first couple of pages.... Just a little tease and perhaps a little inspiration for contributions to the Starving Artist Fund so I can finish it ;-)

November 26, 2009

Rita was at a complete loss. Thanksgiving had always been her favorite day of the year and with three short syllables her daughter had driven a stake through its heart and killed the holiday forever.

It was raining sideways in New York and the wind whipped between the buildings. Rain and sleet mixed with the hot tears streaming down Rita’s face. She knew where she was going and she was determined to get there before she lost her anger, but she wasn’t exactly sure what she would do when she got there.

The adrenaline racing through her body was making her dizzy. Stopping to catch her breath beneath an awning at 181st Street, Rita realized she had run out of the house with her handbag but without her co…

Booty Call

Last night I got a booty call.

About two and a half years ago I had an unfortunate fling with a tall, handsome, and slightly younger man. I was reeling from my sad encounters with The Bartender and he was still stinging from his own breakup. One thing led to another and then, under the excuse of meeting his new puppy, we attempted to find comfort in each other’s arms. The night came to an abrupt end. He was rude and I pretended not to be hurt. A year later he sent a text message that I ignored. I never expected that I would hear from him again.

Last night I received an e-mail saying hello, informing me that his puppy was all grown up, adding that he owed me dinner. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I confess I was surprised to hear from him and admit to being quite flattered that he still had me on his mind. After a bit of deliberation, I replied that dinner in the coming week would be lovely. He then suggested I see him “tonight.” Since it was 11pm I said no. …

Birth Festival 2009 Begins

My birth festival is in full swing and I have been burning the candle at both ends for the last two weeks. Visitors from the other side of the pond, a meal on my actual birthday that was so amazing it deserves its own post, and staying up at night staring at my computer screen and NOT writing. I think someone should do a study to confirm that overeating slows the brain making it impossible to speak or write in complete sentences.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going on a date with someone who was in my memoir, I Thought I Grew Up. I was more than a bit concerned that he didn’t know about it and decided that I would wait until he was halfway through a smart cocktail to tell him.

Arriving at the restaurant a bit early, I sat down at the bar, ordered a glass of wine and then pulled a book from my bag. As soon as I opened the pages my date walked through the door. He arrived on time looking rather dashing and carrying a Barnes & Noble shopping bag. A quick kiss hello an…