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Pink Glove Dance

Who says kids don't have a thing or two to say? My best friend’s daughter is an extraordinary 11 year-old. I am proud to call Katya my friend as well. This afternoon she sent this video that has been making the rounds and I wanted to share it with you.

In order to raise breast cancer awareness, Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon produced the Pink Glove Dance for Breast Cancer Awareness. Their hope was that they could get 1,000,000 hits to help raise money. In just one month they’re nearly at the 5.5 million mark.

It’s fun and inspiring. Take a moment and let it make you smile ;-) xxx


That was really great....thanks for sharing :)
Michelle said…
Thanks, Kara. I appreciate the comment and the visit ;-) xxx
Dorothy Rimson said…
Nice and kind of funny..
Order Meds said…
Fundraisers just got better. So funny!
Mandy said…
That was great! As a menopausal breast cancer survivor I really enjoy the way you raise awareness. I'm working with Todd Youngblood of ChiliTechnology to get the word out about the ChiliPad. It’s really simple and small, just a mattress pad that can both heat and cool the bed, but it works surprisingly well. It’s so much easier to deal with menopause symptoms when you can get a full night’s sleep. I started using my ChiliPad during perimenopause because my tossing and turning was keeping my husband up at night, and as I progressed I kept adding fans to the room. He actually moved onto the couch in the basement for a while. :( We got the dual zone ChiliPad which lets me set the temperature of my side of the bed independently from his - and it's nice to have him back by my side!
EMR said…
That is a real nice thing done by the medical fraternity.I think there should be more kindness and help for the diseases which harass the patients mentally.

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