Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Last Lecture

It is a beautiful evening. It’s twilight, and looking out my window I can see how the remaining low light is dancing on the surface of the Hudson River making it the most remarkable color of blue, a blue that matches the top of the sky. In between the river and the top of the sky, the black outline of trees is covered by a thin layer of orangey-gold, moving to yellow to green to deepening shades of blue until you get to the top of the sky that matches the river below.

I am lucky enough to see how the sky is different each time the sun sets. Even though it only takes a moment to take in the awesome changing sky Mother Nature paints for me each night, most of the time I don’t take the time to really look. Perhaps it was the tears in my eyes this evening that changed the light and made the colors more vivid. Perhaps it was the fact that I had just finished reading an extraordinary affirmation of love and life that my eyes were merely open.

I watched Randy Pausch’s ‘last lecture’ ages ago. I saw him interviewed on Oprah and cried, and then cried again as the news of his passing was broadcast. Last year I was walking through Barnes & Noble, and thought perhaps the purchase of his book, THE LAST LECTURE would help support his family or give money to a charity benefiting those suffering with pancreatic cancer, the same cancer that took my dad from me.

Since then his book has been on my bedside table. I assumed it was merely the transcript of his final speech, so I thought it was old news. Last night, feeling like I needed a little inspiration, I cracked it open before bed. I couldn’t have been more wrong. This was not a speech transcript, but an incredibly moving compilation of lessons on how to live. THE LAST LECTURE is a book to be read over and over again. I picked it up after spending days feeling sorry for myself, struck down by a cold! It’s joyful tone made let me know that it’s okay to indulge on occasion; and more importantly that one should always find their bliss. I plan to talk to all of my friends about it and to encourage them to read it. I want everyone to read it. I want to read it again when I’m happy and feeling good. I want to talk about it.

Run to the store. Buy THE LAST LECTURE and read it as soon as you can. Then, let’s get together for a smart cocktail and talk about what we dreamed about as children.


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