Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’m sitting at the Café in the Barnes & Noble in the Citicorp Building in NYC. I came for a little inspiration. It is filled with writers and readers sipping coffee and staring out the window at the rain. I love being here, surrounded by stacks of books and people who love them.

When I arrived, the café was full so I went to the second floor to the biography section to take a gander at my book on the shelf. It’s so exciting to know that it’s here, to know that several stores in Manhattan have it on the shelf. I wonder if that will ever get old. I certainly hope not.

I came here to work on my novel, but my head is so full I decided I make use of the time here to organize my thoughts. Multitasking has been a chore over these last few months and it helps to just lay it all out. These are the main events:

The novel – The working title is Thanksgiving.

The collaboration project – It’s a big exciting secret book proposal.

The big pitch – I’m working on the idea of making I Thought I Grew Up a film or television series.

The Examiner – I’m going to be a regular contributor talking about Cheap Eats.

Of course, on top of that I’m looking for the best and last great love of my life.

Tomorrow I have a date. Tomorrow I have a date with someone who was in I Thought I Grew Up. Tomorrow he will find out. And so, I am distracted.

I hope tomorrow is a good hair day.


Dana said...

That has to be a wonderful feeling to see your book for sale there.

Found you via blogexplosion.

Michelle said...

Thanks Dana. It's bee very exciting. Each day I pinch myself.

tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Sir John said...

I understand the feeling fully, I am a writer. I often go to coffee shops to write. keep up the good work.
Johnny Ray

Michelle said...

Thanks, Johnny. I appreciate the support :-)