Sunday, December 16, 2012


This week a troubled young man first shot and killed his mother then killed twenty children and six more women at a nearby elementary school.

The facts are still unfolding.

What we do know is that the killer shot his way into the school. We know that six of his murder victims were women devoted to the care and education of children. We know twenty children, hoping Santa would visit them soon, were murdered before they had even lost all of their baby teeth.

The killer used a semi-automatic weapon to inflict multiple wounds on all of his victims at the school.

Semi-automatic weapons.

As I struggle to make sense of the tragic shootings in our nation over the last several years, I grow more tired of self-important politicians; political pundits and shock jocks ricocheting through the airwaves like so many bullets the language of hate and fear. 

Banning semi-automatic weapons will not end the tradition of the first Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas.

Banning semi-automatic weapons will not be an affront to the US Constitution.

Banning semi-automatic weapons will not make us un-American.

It is true that there will never be a gun in my house.  I made that decision nearly 40 years ago and stand by it. You can have a gun in your house, but you are not welcome to bring it to mine.

I believe with all my heart that guns have no place at a grocery store parking lot, a University campus, a movie theater, a church, a hospital or an elementary school and challenge anyone to explain why I might be wrong.

I have no answers, and only one question:

What is the argument for owning a weapon designed to kill man?


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