Friday, May 22, 2009

Book Release Party

I can't believe it's taken so long to tell you what went on at the book launch party!

The launch party for my new memoir “I Thought I Grew Up” was last Friday night at the Morningside Bookshop in New York City. It was a tremendous success. Happy faces, laughter, wine, friends and many books sold.

For those of you that have joined the world of Facebook, I've posted photos of the event on my Facebook Fan Page, Author - Michelle Churchill. If you’ve already started reading, it would be great to hear your thoughts on the book the Facebook Reading Group.

If you haven't already, I hope you’ll all take a moment to rush to Amazon or Barnes & Noble to buy copy of “I Thought I Grew Up”!

Even more, I hope you’ll let me know you've been reading and share your thoughts.

Thanks to all you for being so supportive.

Michelle xxx


indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

Theresa111 said...

When are you going on Oprah's show? She would love the title of this book of yours.

Michelle said...

Hey Theresa - From you mouth to God's ears.... I mean Oprah's ears! LOL. I just got a box of books in so I can send her a copy regularly ;-)

Agapelife said...

To add to Theresa111, have Hollywood contacted you yet? Best wishes

Michelle said...

Hey Agapelife! No calls from Hollywood yet, but in anticipation friends and I have been tossing around names for the lead ;-)